What is Art by Chance

Color everyday life and inspire people!

Inspired by a moment of contemplation in an Istanbul metro station, since 2009 Art By Chance create opportunities to color everyday life and inspire people to make short films.

The festival takes place simultaneously in
more than 20 + countries, 200+ cities worldwide.

We love you too

"We got in contact with the Art By Chance project during a trip to Istanbul, where some nice posters in the streets were advertising the event. Back in Germany, we realized that our film continue...ing the festival came back asking us if it is possible that they have watched our film whole waiting for their check-in. This is a damn good feeling! Thank you for organizing this event!"
Lukas Thiele, Leander Brinkmann
My first thought about Art By Chance: 30 seconds, wow, that's really short -even for filmmakers who do only short films! But then, it's also the ultimate story-telling challenge. One idea, continue...me and I am very happy to have made it again into the selection. I really like to congratulate the Art By Chance Team for their great work and for this unique concept.
Eckhard Kruse - Germany
Eckhard Kruse

Jury selected films shown on screens at airports, public plazas, metro stations, restaurants and bars, campuses, and shopping malls. Selected as one of the coolest festivals by the Movie Maker Magazine, Art By Chance is one of the biggest public art events in the world.

We aim to balance the onslaught of commercial advertising in public spaces with art that inspires the public to reflect and create.
We believe public spaces should house something more interesting, entertaining and inspiring for the public.